The Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification system for all materials. Books and government documents can be located by using Find it.... As an academic library, we own many books and materials relating to the full range of human experience, some of which you as an individual may, or may not find appropriate. Therefore, we ask that what you view in the Library remain private. As a parent of a minor we also ask that you sign a waiver form for any minor requesting a library card. The Tech Library places no restrictions on the type of materials an individual may checkout once they have a library card.

Books and Journals
Electronic Books
The library offers access to over 250,000 electronic books through several collections including, but not limited to, the EBSCOhost eBook Collection, the ProQuest ebrary, or the ACLS Humanities E-Book.
Electronic Journals
The library offers access to over 97,000 electronic journals, mostly available through specific databases. In addition, there are 300 individual titles available directly from each journal's publisher.
Microfilm and Microfiche Books and Journals
The Library houses over 1200 journals in microfiche and microfilm format, located in the Microfiche/Microfilm room.
The Library houses over 5000 monographs (books, proceedings, reports, articles most of which are state and government documents) in microfiche and microfilm format, located in the Microfiche/Microfilm room.
Print Books and Journals
The Library houses over 160,000 bound volumes (books and journals) and currently subscribes to 300 print journals. The following links will lead you to the physical location in the library:
Periodicals: current, older
Special Collections
The Special Collections room contains a number of local and state historical books as well as items directly related to Arkansas Tech including student theses. Other books, maps, recordings, and materials are housed because of their uniqueness or fragile condition. Items may be found through Find it...; however use is limited.. For more information or to make an appointment call the Public Services Librarian, Sherry Tinerella 479-964-0571.

There are over 4,000 CDs available on open shelves in the Music Lab. Items are checked out from the Music Lab.

Arkansas Tech subscribes to over 260 databases. The university invests over $300.000,00 per year to allow the studetns to find the most appropriate, current, and scholarly information for their studies.

The DVD collection is located on the first floor and is open for browsing. The 6,000+ collection is organized with an in-house color code to help finding quickly the popular genres.
Virtually, one can search through the DVD Genres webpage or, if looking for a specific title, through Find it....

Government Documents
The Tech Library is a selective U.S. and Arkansas documents depository and houses over 110,000 related documents. These items are cataloged and shelved in a separate collection. The Library also provides a list of government related sites on the Internet. Assistance with all government documents can be requested at the Reference Desk or in the Government Documents Department. Further inquiries may be addressed to Frances Hager at fhager@atu.edu.
PDF Access Standard Procedure for Government Information in Electronic Format Including the Internet
PDF Collection Development for Federal and State Documents

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