As simple as finding out about the hours or as complicated as a database research, librarians are available in person, through phone, or email.
Get your paper in the correct format at once! APA, MLA, or Chicago styles are explained here with video tutorials to help further.
YouTube, Flash, PPT, or HTML, most databases and their platform have tutorials to help you getting the job done once and for all.
View a video clip to deeply understand what copyright is all about. Many resources to help you not infringe the law.
Research Guides offer research help and tips on many subjects.
Quickly find what you are looking for! Library A-Z is a complete list of digital AND physical locations in the Library website and building.
What is a call number, an abstract, endnotes, a dissertation? Librarians and instructors use those big words and I don't understand...
How does Find it... work? There is a video for that!
How does the Dewey Decimal System work? There is a video for that!
If you have problems accessing a database, an eBook, or a journal article, check this page. Call us if necessary. We will fix you up!

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