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Journal Title and Link to Catalog
A.L.L. points bulletin
AAPG bulletin
AAUP bulletin : quarterly publication of the American Association of University Professors.
AAUW journal
ABA banking journal
ABCA bulletin
ABCA journal of business communication
Absolute sound
Abstracts of North American geology
Academe : bulletin of the AAUP
Academic therapy
Academic therapy quarterly
Academy and literature
Academy of Management executive
Academy of Management journal
Academy of Management review
Accounting horizons
Accounting review
Accounts of chemical research
ACM computing surveys
ACSM's health & fitness journal
Action in teacher education
Ad astra = To the stars : the magazine of the National Space Society
Administrative management
Administrative science quarterly
ADTSEA journal of traffic safety education
Adult education
Adult education bulletin
Adult education quarterly
Adult leadership
Adult learning
Advanced imaging
Advanced management
Advanced management journal
Advanced management journal
Advanced management-office executive
Advanced materials & processes
Advertising age
Advertising age's business marketing
Aerospace power journal
Aerospace safety
AFL-CIO American federationist
Agricultural economics research
Agricultural engineering
Agricultural index
Agricultural outlook
Agricultural research
Agricultural science review
Agronomy journal
AHA news
AIDC report : a monthly publication of the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission
AIDC review : a monthly report of economic development activities in Arkansas / from the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission
AIIE transactions
Air Force engineering & services quarterly
Air Force magazine
Air reservist
Air University review
Airpower journal
ALA bulletin
Alcohol health and research world
Alcohol research & health : the journal of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Aldine press [microform]
All hands
Ame´rica indi´gena : organo oficial del Instituto Indigenista Interamericano
American anthropologist
American antiquarian
American antiquarian and oriental journal
American antiquity
American Apollo [microform]
American architect
American architect
American architect and architecture
American architect and building news
American architect and the Architectural review
American art journal
American art news
American art review
American artist
American Association of Petroleum Geologists bulletin
American Benedictine review
American biology teacher
American breeders magazine
American business
American cartographer
American Catholic historical researches
American Catholic quarterly review
American childhood
American city
American city & county
American craft
American dancer
American demographics
American Economic Association quarterly
American economic journal. Economic policy
American economic review
American education
American educational monthly for the school and the family
American educational research journal
American family physician
American federationist.
American forests
American Hereford journal
American heritage
American historical record
American historical register
American historical review
American home
American imago
American journal of agricultural economics
American journal of archaeology
American journal of archaeology and of the history of the fine arts
American journal of botany
American journal of correction
American journal of diseases of children
American journal of drug and alcohol abuse
American journal of economics and sociology
American journal of education
American journal of education [microform]
American journal of evaluation
American journal of health behavior
American journal of health education
American journal of international law
American journal of mathematics
American journal of mental deficiency
American journal of nursing
American journal of philology
American journal of physical medicine
American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation
American journal of physics
American journal of politics [microform]
American journal of psychiatry
American journal of psychology
American journal of public health : JPH
American journal of public health and the nation's health
American journal of recreation therapy
American journal of science
American journal of science and arts
American journal of science, & c
American journal of small business
American journal of sociology
American journal of sports medicine
American journal of theology
American journal of veterinary research
American journal on intellectual and developmental disabilities
American journal on mental retardation : AJMR
American law review
American lawyer
American libraries
American literature; a journal of literary history
American magazine [microform]
American magazine [microform]
American magazine of civics [microform]
American magazine, and monthly chronicle of the British colonies [microform]
American magazine, or, A monthly view of the political state of the British colonies [microform]
American magazine, or, General repository [microform]
American mathematical monthly : the official journal of the Mathematical Association of America
American mercury
American meteorological journal
American midland naturalist
American mineralogist
American monitor, or, the Republican magazine
American monthly review of reviews
American moral & sentimental magazine [microform]
American museum [microform]
American Museum journal
American music teacher
American musical magazine [microform]
American naturalist
American organist
American physics teacher
American poetry : AP
American political science review
American Presbyterian and theological review [microform]
American Presbyterian review [microform]
American psychologist
American quarterly
American record guide
American rehabilitation : AR
American review : a Whig journal of politics, literature, art, and science
American review of politics
American review of reviews
American salesman
American scholar
American school board journal
American shorthand teacher
American socialist
American sociological review
American speech
American studies international
American theatre
American theological review [microform]
American universal magazine [microform]
American veterinary review
American Whig review
American Whig review
American zoologist
AmeriCorps news
Amicus journal
AMS newsletter
Analog science fiction & fact
Analog science fiction/science fact
Analytical chemistry
Andover review
Angewandte Chemie
Animal behaviour
Animal learning & behavior
Animal Welfare Information Center bulletin
Annals of dyslexia : [an interdisciplinary journal of the Orton Dyslexia Society]
Annals of science being a record of inventions and improvements in applied science
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Annals of the Entomological Society of America
Annual report of the American Historical Association
ANS, Advances in nursing science
Antioch review
Antiques & collecting hobbies
Antitrust bulletin
AORN journal
APA monitor
Applied arts book
Applied measurement in education
Applied microbiology
Applied optics
Appraisal journal
Approach : the Naval Safety Center's aviation magazine
Approach Mech
Aquaculture magazine
Aramco world
Aramco world magazine
Architectural forum
Architectural record
Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology
Archives of general psychiatry
Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine
Area trends in employment and unemployment
Arithmetic teacher
Arizona quarterly
Arkansas advocate
Arkansas archeologist : bulletin of the Arkansas Archeological Society
Arkansas Association of Instructional Media quarterly
Arkansas banner
Arkansas battlefield update
Arkansas business
Arkansas business and economic review
Arkansas business bulletin
Arkansas economist
Arkansas educator
Arkansas farm research
Arkansas game and fish : official publication of the Arkansas State Game and Fish Commission
Arkansas gazette
Arkansas gazette
Arkansas grantseekers horizon
Arkansas guard
Arkansas health counts
Arkansas highways
Arkansas Historical Association newsletter
Arkansas historical quarterly
Arkansas HIV/AIDS report
Arkansas initiatives
Arkansas journal
Arkansas journal : a quarterly review of business and industry in Arkansas
Arkansas labor market
Arkansas labor market trends
Arkansas land and life
Arkansas law review
Arkansas libraries
Arkansas military journal
Arkansas news and views
Arkansas nursing news
Arkansas register
Arkansas review : a journal of criticism
Arkansas times
Arkansas times
ARMA records management quarterly
Arminian magazine [microform]
Army chaplaincy : professional bulletin of the Unit Ministry Team
Army digest : the official U.S. Army magazine
Army information digest
Army logistician
Art & antiques
Art amateur
Art bulletin
Art digest
Art education
Art in America
Art instruction
Art journal
Art journal
Artforum international
Arthur's home magazine [microform]
Arthur's home magazine [microform]
Arthur's home magazine [microform]
Arthur's illustrated home magazine [microform]
Arthur's lady's home magazine [microform]
Artifacts : newsletter of the National Endowment for the Arts
Arts and activities
Arts digest
Arts education policy review
Arts magazine
Asiatic quarterly review [microform]
Assessment update
Astronomical journal
Astrophysical journal
Athletic journal
Athletic training
Atkins chronicle
Atlantic monthly
Atlantic monthly
Audio visual communication review
Audio visual communications : AVC
Audiophile voice
Audio-visual communications
Audio-visual instruction
Audiovisual instruction with/instructional resources
Australian journal of emergency management
AV communication review
AV guide
AVC development & delivery : for AV, video & computer graphic presentations
AVC presentation development & delivery : AV, video, computer
AVC presentation for the visual communicator
AVC presentation, technology & applications
Aviation and aeronautical engineering
Aviation week
Aviation week & space technology
Aviation week, including space technology
Aware : warning coordination and hazard awareness report / National Weather Service
AWHONN lifelines

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
B to B
Bacteriological reviews
Balance sheet
Ballou's monthly magazine
Banking; journal of the American bankers association
Baptist quarterly
Baptist quarterly review
Baptist review
Batesville news
Bay State monthly a Massachusetts magazine of literature, history, biography, and state progress
Behavioral and brain sciences
Behavioral neuroscience
Beijing review = Pei-ching chou pao
Bell journal of economics
Better homes and gardens
Beverage world
Biblical world [microform].
Bibliography of scientific and industrial reports
Bibliography of technical reports
Bibliography on health indexes
Bimonthly list of publications and visuals
Biochemical journal
Biochemical journal. Cellular aspects
Biochemical journal: Molecular aspects
Biochemistry and molecular biology education
Bioconjugate chemistry
Biological psychiatry
Biological Sciences Curriculum Study journal
Bioorganic chemistry
Biotechnology progress
Bird lore
Birth and the family journal
Black history bulletin
Black Mountain review
Book of lists
Booklist and subscription books bulletin
Booklovers magazine
Boston magazine [microform]
Boston weekly-magazine [microform]
Botanical gazette
Botanical review
Brain and language
British journal of psychiatry
Broadcasting & cable
Brookings bulletin
Brookings review
BSCS journal
Bulletin - Child Welfare League of America, Inc.
Bulletin - Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bulletin (International Council for the Improvement of Reading Instruction)
Bulletin (new series) of the American Mathematical Society
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology
Bulletin of rehabilitation counseling
Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors
Bulletin of the American Economic Association
Bulletin of the American Geographical Society
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
Bulletin of the Association for Business Communication
Bulletin of the atomic scientists
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists of Chicago
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
Bulletin of the College Art Association
Bulletin of the College Art Association of America
Bulletin of the Geological Society of America
Bulletin of the National Association of Secondary School Principals
Bulletin of the Orton Society
Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America
Bulletin of the Society for American Archaeology
Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club
Business & professional ethics journal
Business America
Business and society review
Business communication quarterly : a publication of the Association for Business Communication
Business conditions
Business education
Business education forum
Business education world
Business horizons
Business management
Business marketing
Business month
Business review
Business statistics
Business week

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
Cahiers de lexicologie
Calendars of the United States House of Representatives and history of legislation
California fish and game
California management review
Californian and overland monthly
Camping magazine
Canadian counsellor
Canadian historical review
Canadian journal of counselling = Revue canadienne de counseling
Canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences Journal canadien des sciences halieutiques et aquatiques
Canadian journal of zoology
Canadian magazine
Canadian magazine of politics, science, art & literature
Capitol eye
Catalyst : a publication of the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention
Catholic historical review
Catholic world
Cellular and molecular neurobiology
Censor [microform]
Census and you : monthly news from the U S Bureau of the Census
Central business review
Central law journal
Century magazine [microform]
Ceramics monthly
Changing times
Character and personality
Chautauquan : organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle
Chemical and engineering news : "news edition" of the American Chemical Society
Chemical engineering
Chemical health & safety
Chemical innovation
Chemical research in toxicology
Chemical reviews
Chemical Society reviews
Chemistry : a European journal
Chemistry letters
Chemistry of materials : a publication of the American Chemical Society
Chicago review
Child : monthly news summary
Child abuse & neglect
Child care bulletin
Child development
Child welfare
Child welfare
Childhood education
Children's literature in education
Children's magazine [microform]
Child-welfare magazine
Choice : publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries
Choir & organ
Choral journal
Christian century
Christian history [microform]
Christian Science monitor
Christian union [microform]
Christianity today
Christian's monitor [microform]
Christian's, scholar's, and farmer's magazine [microform]
Chronicle of higher education
Chronicle of the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association
Circular [microform]
Citizen airman : official magazine of the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve
City & town : official publication of the Arkansas Municipal League
City manager bulletin [microform]
City manager magazine [microform]
Civil engineering
Civil engineering
Civil engineering ASCE
Civil rights journal
Civil service journal
CJIS link
Classical journal
Classical philology
Classical quarterly
Classical review
Classical world
Clavier companion
Clearing house
Climate bulletin
Clinical exercise physiology
Clinics in sports medicine
Closing the gap : a newsletter of the Office of Minority Health
Club management
Coach & athlete
Coach and athletic director
Coach and athletic director [microform]
Coal age
College & research libraries news
College and research libraries
College and university : the journal of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars
College art journal
College English
College mathematics journal : an official publication of the Mathematical Association of America
College teaching
Collegiate news and views
Columbia journal of international affairs
Columbia journalism review
Columbian magazine [microform]
Columbian magazine, or, Monthly miscellany [microform]
Columbian magazine, or, Monthly miscellany [microform]
Columbian museum; or, Universal asylum
Commerce America
Commerce today
Commercial and financial chronicle
Communication arts
Communication arts magazine
Communication education
Communication monographs
Communications of the ACM
Community and junior college journal
Community college journal
Community college review
Community, technical, and junior college journal
Comparative education
Comparative education review
Compass : earth science journal of Sigma Gamma Epsilon
Compass of Sigma Gamma Epsilon
Compensation and working conditions
Compensation and working conditions : CWC
Compost science & utilization
Computer & communications decisions
Computer decisions
Computer literature index
Computers & electronics
Computers in libraries
Computers in the schools
Computerworld client/server journal
Computing teacher
Congressional digest
Congressional globe
Congressional quarterly weekly report
Conservation biology : the journal of the Society for Conservation Biology
Conservation report
Construction review
Consumer bulletin
Consumer price index
Consumer product safety review
Consumer reports
Consumers' research magazine
Contemporary education
Contemporary French civilization
Contemporary philosophy
Contemporary physics
Contemporary review
Contemporary review [microform]
Contemporary sociology
Continental monthly [microform]
Contingency planning & management : for business preparedness and recovery
Contributions from Boyce Thompson Institute
Cooking for profit
Cornell hospitality quarterly
Cornell hotel and restaurant administration quarterly
Corrections today
Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior
Council review
Counterpoise : for social responsibilities
Courier : publication of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Course of study : a monthly publication for teachers and parents devoted to the work of the Chicago Institute, Academic and Pedagogic
CPA journal
CPI detailed report
CPM global assurance
CQ weekly
Craft horizons
Craft horizons with craft world
Crazy horse
CRC critical reviews in environmental control
Creative secretary
Crime and delinquency
Crime laboratory digest
Criminal justice abstracts
Criminology & public policy
Critical care nurse
Critical inquiry
Critical reviews in environmental control
Critical sociology
Current anthropology
Current employment developments, Arkansas
Current health 2
Current history
Current history
Current history & forum
Current literature
Current problems in surgery
Curriculum report
Customs today

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
Daedalus : proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Daily weather maps Weekly series
Dance magazine
Dance magazine
Danville quarterly review
Danville quarterly review [microform]
Data management
Data processing digest
Day care and early education
DCEG linkage
De Bow's review
Death studies
Delta Kappa Gamma bulletin
Department of State bulletin
Department of State news letter
Design for arts in education
Design; a magazine of creative art
Design-keramic studio
Dessert to the true American
Developmental psychobiology
Developmental psychology
Dial: a magazine for literature, philosophy, and religion
Dial: a monthly magazine for literature, philosophy and religion
Dimensions of early childhood / Southern Association on Children under Six
Directory / American Musicological Society
Disability statistics abstract
Disaster recovery journal
Dissertation abstracts international A
Dissertation abstracts international. B, The sciences and engineering
Dissertation abstracts. B, The sciences and engineering
DOE this month
Dollar monthly magazine [microform]
Double reed
Dover Time
Drama review : TDR
Drug enforcement
Dun's business month.
Dun's review

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
E.T. ideas
Early childhood education journal
Early childhood research & policy briefs
Early childhood research quarterly
Early childhood update
Early education and development
Early music
Earth notes
Earth science
Earth science digest
Earth system monitor : a guide to NOAA's data and information services
Earthquake information bulletin
Earthquakes & volcanoes
East European quarterly
Ecological applications : a publication of the Ecological Society of America
Ecological monographs
Economic & financial review / Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Economic conditions, governmental finance, United States securities
Economic geography
Economic geology
Economic geology and the bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists
Economic indicators
Economic inquiry
Economic journal : the quarterly journal of the Royal Economic Society
Economic policy review / Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Economic review
Economic review
Economic review
Ed. Bulletin
Editor & publisher
Education and training in autism and developmental disabilities
Education and training in developmental disabilities
Education and training in mental retardation
Education and training in mental retardation and developmental disabilities
Education and training of the mentally retarded
Education digest
Education monitor
Education of the handicapped
Education statistics quarterly
Education week
Educational & industrial television
Educational and psychological measurement
Educational communication and technology : EC&TJ
Educational forum
Educational horizons
Educational leadership : journal of the Department of Supervision and Curriculum Development
Educational leadership [microform]
Educational media international
Educational method : a journal of progressive public schools
Educational record
Educational research quarterly : ERQ
Educational researcher : a publication of the American Educational Research Association
Educational review
Educational screen
Educational screen & audio-visual guide
Educational studies
Educational studies in mathematics
Educational technology
Educational technology research and development : ETR & D
Educational theatre journal
Educational theory
EIA new releases
Electronics now
Electronics world
Elementary English
Elementary English review
Elementary school guidance & counseling
Elementary school journal
Elementary school teacher
Elementary school teacher and course of study
Elementary teacher's ideas & materials workshop
ELT journal
Employment and earnings
Employment service review
ENC update
Endangered species bulletin
Endangered species technical bulletin
Energy & fuels : an American Chemical Society journal
Energy abstracts for policy analysis
Energy and technology review
Energy engineering : journal of the Association of Energy Engineers
Energy research abstracts
Engineer update
Engineering & services : Air Force engineering and services quarterly
Engineering education
Engineering news
Engineering news and American railway journal
Engineering news-record
English historical review
English journal
English language teaching
English language teaching journal : ELT
English review
Entertainment design
Entomologia generalis
Entrepreneurship theory and practice : ET&P
EnviroAction : environmental digest of the National Wildlife Federation
Environment and behavior
Environment and development economics
Environment index
Environment information access
Environment report
Environmental action
Environmental control & safety management
Environmental control management
Environmental education
Environmental ethics
Environmental health perspectives : EHP
Environmental management
Environmental science & technology
EPRI journal
Equity & excellence : the University of Massachusetts School of Education quarterly
Equity & excellence in education : University of Massachusetts School of Education journal
ERIC review
Esquire fortnightly
Essays in criticism
Eugenical news
Eugenics quarterly
Evening republican
Every Saturday
Exceptional children
Executive : an Academy of Management publication
Executive housekeeping today
Experienced Christian's magazine [microform]
Experimental biology and medicine
Explicacio´n de textos literarios.
Export America
Extension review
Extension service review

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
FAA aviation news
FAA aviation news : a DOT/FAA flight standards safety publication
FAA general aviation news
Family & community health
Family economics and nutrition review
Family economics review
Family handyman
Family health
Family relations
Farm journal
Farm journal
Farm journal and country gentleman
Farm quarterly
Farmer cooperatives
FBI law enforcement bulletin
FDA consumer
FDA veterinarian
FDIC consumer news : news and information on consumer issues from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal archeology report
Federal Home Loan Bank Board journal
Federal parks & recreation
Federal probation
Federal probation [microform]
Federal research report
Federal reserve bulletin
Feminist collections : a quarterly of women's studies resources
Feminist studies : FS
Field & stream
Field notes : monthly newsletter of the Arkansas Archeological Society
Film comment
Film quarterly
Fire control notes
Fire engineering
Fire management
Fire management notes
Fire management today
Fish and Wildlife Reference Service newsletter
Fishery bulletin
FIU hospitality review
Flower and garden
Flute talk
Flying safety
Flying safety
Focus on critical care
Focus on NAEP
Folklife Center news
Food and nutrition
Food fish market review and outlook
Food fish situation and outlook
Food microbiology
Food technology
Foreign affairs
Foreign agriculture
Foreign commerce weekly
Foreign language annals
Foreign policy
Foreign policy reports
Forest and stream
Forest science
Forum and century
Forum for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education
Forum for the discussion of new trends in education
Forum journal : the journal of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
Forum news : a newsletter of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
Franchising world
Free universal magazine [microform]
French review
Freshwater biology
From the gym to the jury
From the state capitals. Economic development
From the state capitals. Environmental regulations
From the state capitals. Parks and recreation trends
From the state capitals. Tourist business promotion
From the state capitals. Urban transit
From the state capitals. Urban transit & bus transportation
From the state capitals. Urban transit and bus transportation trends
From the state capitals. Water supply
Frontier Nursing Service quarterly bulletin
Fruit, garden and home

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
G.A.O journal : a quarterly sponsored by the U.S. General Accounting Office
GAO review
General and comparative endocrinology
Genetic psychology monographs
Gentleman and lady's town and country magazine, or, Repository of instruction and entertainment [microform]
Gentlemen and ladies town and country magazine [microform]
Geographical review
Geography teacher
Geological Society of America bulletin
Geriatric nursing
Germanic review
Germanisch-Romanische Monatsschrift
Gifted child quarterly
Gifted child today
Gifted child today
Gifted child today magazine
Good housekeeping
Good housekeeping magazine
Government accountants journal
Government accountants journal
Government ethics newsgram : a publication of the Office of Government Ethics for the executive branch
Government reports announcements
Government reports announcements & index
Graduate woman
Gray's sporting journal
Greek heritage
Grounds maintenance
Guernsey breeders' journal
Gulf research reports

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
Hang gliding
Hang gliding & paragliding
Happy home [microform]
Harper's bazaar
Harper's magazine
Harper's monthly magazine
Harper's new monthly magazine
Harvard business review
Harvard educational review
Harvard graduates' magazine
Harvard law review
Harvard register [microform]
Harvard teachers record
Harvest years
Hazardous substances & public health : a publication of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
HCFA rulings
Health & social work
Health care competition week
Health care financing review
Health education.
Health services reports
Health services reports
Health technology review
Health values
Health, physical education, and recreation microform publications bulletin
Healthcare financial management : journal of the Healthcare Financial Management Association
Heart & lung
Heart & soul
Hebrew student [microform]
Herpetological monograph
Herpetological review
Hibbert journal
High fidelity
High school journal
High school magazine
Hispanic American historical review
Hispanic review
Historian; a journal of history
Historic preservation
Historic preservation forum : the journal of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
Historic preservation news : the newspaper of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
Historical magazine and notes and queries concerning the antiquities, history and biography of America
Historical outlook; a journal for readers, students and teachers of history
History and theory
History of education
History of education quarterly
History of political economy
History teacher
History teacher's magazine
History today
HIV/AIDS surveillance
Hoard's dairyman
Holstein world
Holstein-Friesian world
Home mechanix
Horn book
Horn book
Horn book magazine
Horn book magazine
Horn call : journal of the International Horn Society
Hospital financial management : journal of the Hospital Financial Management Association
Hospital law newsletter
Hospital management
Hospitality design : HD
Hospitality education and research journal : HER
Hospitality research journal : the professional journal of the Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education.
Hospitals & health networks / AHA
Hospitals : the journal of the American Hospital Association
Hotel & motel management
Hotels & restaurants international
Hotels : the international magazine of the hotel and hotel restaurant industry
House & garden
House beautiful
HR focus : American Management Association's human resources publication
Hsin ti yu¨
HSMHA health reports
HUD challenge
Hudson review
Human development
Human resource management
Hummingbird, or, Herald of taste [microform]
Hyde's weekly art news
Hydrobiological journal

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
I&EC product research and development
Ideas that work
IEEE circuits & devices
IEEE circuits and devices magazine
IEEE computer graphics and applications
IEEE control systems
IEEE control systems magazine
IEEE expert
IEEE intelligent systems
IEEE intelligent systems & their applications
IEEE journal of robotics and automation
IEEE journal of solid-state circuits
IEEE micro
IEEE signal processing letters
IEEE signal processing magazine
IEEE software
IEEE spectrum
IEEE transactions on acoustics, speech, and signal processing
IEEE transactions on automatic control
IEEE transactions on education
IEEE transactions on electron devices
IEEE transactions on industrial electronics : a publication of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
IEEE transactions on power electronics
IEEE transactions on robotics and automation : a publication of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
IEEE transactions on signal processing : a publication of the IEEE Signal Processing Society
IEEE transactions on systems, man, and cybernetics
IEEE transactions on systems, man, and cybernetics. Part A, Systems and humans : a publication of the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society.
IEEE transactions on systems, man, and cybernetics. Part B, Cybernetics : a publication of the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society.
IIE solutions
Illinois chemistry teacher
Illinois quarterly
Illinois research
Illinois school research
Illinois school research and development
Illustrated London news
IMF staff papers
Imperial and Asiatic quarterly review, and Oriental and colonial record [microform]
Improving college and university teaching
Independent banker
Independent reflector [microform]
Independent school
Independent school bulletin
Industrial & engineering chemistry
Industrial & engineering chemistry
Industrial & engineering chemistry fundamentals
Industrial & engineering chemistry process design and development
Industrial & engineering chemistry product research and development
Industrial & engineering chemistry research
Industrial & labor relations review
Industrial engineering
Industrial engineering : IE
Industrial management review : IMR
Industrial marketing
Industrial quality control
Industrial research
Industrial research & development
Industrial research/development
Industry week
Information management journal
Information service
Information technology and libraries
Information technology and libraries
Information today
Inorganic chemistry
Inside Arkansas
Inside DPMA
Insight into diversity
Instructional innovator
Instructor and teacher
Instructor and teacher
Insurgent sociologist
Integrated education
Integrative and comparative biology
Intellectual and developmental disabilities
Interchange on educational policy
Internal revenue bulletin
International conciliation
International educational and cultural exchange
International index
International journal of agile management systems
International journal of eating disorders
International journal of ethics
International journal of hospitality management
International journal of instructional media
International journal of mass emergencies and disasters
International journal of plant sciences
International journal of sport psychology : official journal of the International Society of Sports Psychology
International journal of the addictions
International monthly
International monthly magazine of literature, science, and art
International quarterly
International review [microform]
International wildlife
Internet reference services quarterly
Intervention in school and clinic
Issues in accounting education
Issues in comprehensive pediatric nursing
ITA journal
ITEA journal
ITG journal

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association
JAMA pediatrics
JAMA psychiatry
Jazz education journal
Jazz educators journal : official magazine of the National Association of Jazz Educators
Jazzed : the jazz educator's magazine
JCAH perspectives
Jefferson's legacy : a semiannual planned giving newsletter
JEGP. Journal of English and Germanic philology
JMR, Journal of marketing research.
Job safety & health quarterly : JS & HQ / U S Department of Labor
JOGN nursing
Johnson County Historical Society journal
Joint Commission journal on quality improvement
Joint Commission perspectives
JOM: the journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
Journal - Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Journal - Fort Smith Historical Society
Journal (American Medical Record Association)
Journal for higher education management : a journal of the American Association of University Administrators
Journal for specialists in pediatric nursing
Journal for the scientific study of religion
Journal of abnormal and social psychology
Journal of abnormal child psychology
Journal of abnormal psychology
Journal of abnormal psychology and social psychology
Journal of academic librarianship
Journal of accountancy
Journal of accounting education
Journal of adolescent & adult literacy : a journal from the International Reading Association
Journal of advertising
Journal of aesthetics and art criticism
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
Journal of agricultural economics research
Journal of AHIMA / American Health Information Management Association
Journal of American folk-lore
Journal of American history
Journal of animal science
Journal of anthropological research
Journal of applied aquaculture
Journal of applied behavior analysis
Journal of applied mechanics
Journal of applied physics
Journal of applied physiology
Journal of applied physiology: Respiratory, environmental and exercise physiology
Journal of applied psychology
Journal of applied rehabilitation counseling
Journal of applied social psychology
Journal of aquatic animal health
Journal of Arkansas education
Journal of bacteriology
Journal of band research
Journal of biochemistry
Journal of biological chemistry
Journal of biomechanical engineering
Journal of business
Journal of business communication
Journal of business communication
Journal of business education
Journal of business ethics : JBE
Journal of business of the University of Chicago
Journal of business strategy
Journal of chemical and engineering data
Journal of chemical education
Journal of chemical information and computer sciences
Journal of chemical physics
Journal of church music
Journal of college student development
Journal of college student personnel
Journal of combinatorial chemistry
Journal of communication
Journal of communication studies
Journal of comparative and physiological psychology
Journal of comparative psychology
Journal of consulting and clinical psychology
Journal of consumer marketing
Journal of consumer psychology : the official journal of the Society for Consumer Psychology
Journal of consumer research
Journal of continuing education in the health professions
Journal of counseling and development : JCD
Journal of counseling psychology
Journal of creative behavior
Journal of criminal law & criminology / Northwestern University School of Law
Journal of cross-cultural psychology
Journal of curriculum and supervision
Journal of curriculum studies
Journal of dairy science
Journal of data management : official publication of the Data Processing Management Association, DPMA
Journal of developmental reading
Journal of drug education
Journal of drug issues
Journal of dynamic systems, measurement, and control.
Journal of early adolescence
Journal of economic abstracts
Journal of economic education
Journal of economic entomology
Journal of economic history
Journal of economic issues
Journal of economic literature
Journal of economic perspectives : a journal of the American Economic Association
Journal of education
Journal of education for business
Journal of education for librarianship
Journal of education for library and information science / ALISE
Journal of educational measurement
Journal of educational method
Journal of educational psychology
Journal of educational research
Journal of educational sociology : a magazine of theory and practice
Journal of educational technology systems
Journal of educational television : journal of the Educational Television Association
Journal of electronic materials
Journal of embryology and experimental morphology
Journal of emergency management : JEM
Journal of energy resources technology
Journal of engineering education
Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power
Journal of engineering for industry
Journal of engineering materials and technology
Journal of English and Germanic philology
Journal of environmental education
Journal of exceptional children
Journal of experimental child psychology
Journal of experimental education
Journal of experimental psychology
Journal of experimental psychology: animal behavior processes
Journal of experimental psychology: general
Journal of experimental psychology: Human learning and memory
Journal of experimental psychology: human perception and performance
Journal of experimental social psychology
Journal of experimental zoology
Journal of family theory & review
Journal of farm economics
Journal of field ornithology
Journal of finance
Journal of fish biology
Journal of fluids engineering
Journal of forestry
Journal of freshwater ecology
Journal of general education
Journal of general psychology
Journal of genetic psychology
Journal of geography
Journal of geology
Journal of Germanic philology
Journal of gerontological nursing
Journal of gerontology
Journal of health and physical education
Journal of health education
Journal of health, physical education, recreation
Journal of heat transfer
Journal of herbs, spices & medicinal plants
Journal of heredity
Journal of herpetology
Journal of higher education
Journal of home economics
Journal of hospitality & tourism research : the professional journal of the Council on Hotel
Journal of human movement studies
Journal of human resources
Journal of ichthyology
Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry
Journal of industrial engineering
Journal of instructional development : JID
Journal of interamerican studies and world affairs
Journal of interdisciplinary history
Journal of interlibrary loan & information supply.
Journal of interlibrary loan, document delivery & information supply
Journal of international affairs
Journal of international business studies
Journal of Internet cataloging
Journal of land & public utility economics
Journal of learning disabilities
Journal of leisure research
Journal of library automation
Journal of literacy research : JLR
Journal of mammalogy
Journal of management
Journal of management information systems : JMIS
Journal of manufacturing science and engineering
Journal of marketing
Journal of marriage and the family
Journal of mechanical design
Journal of mechanisms, transmissions, and automation in design
Journal of medical ethics
Journal of medicinal chemistry
Journal of medieval and early modern studies
Journal of medieval and Renaissance studies
Journal of memory and language
Journal of modern history
Journal of moral education
Journal of multilingual and multicultural development
Journal of music theory
Journal of natural products
Journal of Near Eastern studies
Journal of Negro education
Journal of Negro history
Journal of NIH research : life sciences research and news about the National Institutes of Health and the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration
Journal of nursery education
Journal of nursing administration
Journal of nursing education
Journal of nutrition
Journal of nutrition education
Journal of nutrition education and behavior
Journal of nutrition for the elderly
Journal of obstetric, gynecologic, and neonatal nursing : JOGNN.
Journal of offshore mechanics and Arctic engineering
Journal of organic chemistry
Journal of orthopaedic and sports physical therapy
Journal of outdoor education
Journal of pain and symptom management
Journal of paleontology
Journal of parapsychology
Journal of parasitology
Journal of park and recreation administration : a publication of the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration
Journal of pension economics & finance : a journal of the International Network of Pension Regulators and Supervisors (INPRS)
Journal of perinatal & neonatal nursing
Journal of personality
Journal of personality and social psychology
Journal of personality disorders
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences : a publication of the American Pharmaceutical Association
Journal of philosophy
Journal of philosophy, psychology and scientific methods
Journal of physical and chemical reference data
Journal of physical chemistry
Journal of physical chemistry A, Molecules, spectroscopy, kinetics, environment & general theory
Journal of physical chemistry B, Condensed matter, materials, surfaces, interfaces & biophysical
Journal of physical chemistry. B, Materials, surfaces, interfaces & biophysical
Journal of physical education
Journal of physical education and program
Journal of physical education and recreation
Journal of physical education, recreation & dance
Journal of physiology
Journal of political economy
Journal of politics
Journal of popular culture
Journal of pressure vessel technology
Journal of psychiatric nursing
Journal of psychiatric nursing and mental health services
Journal of psychoactive drugs
Journal of psychology
Journal of psychosocial nursing and mental health services
Journal of public inquiry
Journal of quality technology
Journal of reading
Journal of reading behavior
Journal of recreational mathematics
Journal of rehabilitation
Journal of religion
Journal of research and development in education
Journal of research in childhood education : JRCE / Association for Childhood Education International
Journal of research in music education
Journal of research in personality
Journal of research in reading
Journal of research in science teaching
Journal of research of the National Bureau of Standards
Journal of research of the National Bureau of Standards. B, Mathematical sciences
Journal of research of the National Bureau of Standards. C, Engineering and instrumentation
Journal of research of the National Bureau of Standards. Section A. Physics and chemistry
Journal of research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Journal of retailing
Journal of robotic systems
Journal of school health
Journal of school psychology
Journal of secondary education
Journal of sedimentary petrology
Journal of singing : the official journal of the National Association of Teachers of Singing
Journal of small business management
Journal of social behavior and personality
Journal of social casework
Journal of social forces
Journal of social issues
Journal of social psychology
Journal of soil and water conservation
Journal of solar energy engineering
Journal of southern history
Journal of special education
Journal of speculative philosophy [microform]
Journal of speech and hearing disorders : JSHD
Journal of speech and hearing disorders : JSHD.
Journal of speech and hearing research : a publication of the American Speech and Hearing Association
Journal of speech, language, and hearing research : JSLHR
Journal of sport & exercise psychology
Journal of sports medicine
Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness
Journal of studies on alcohol
Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs
Journal of surveying engineering
Journal of teacher education
Journal of teaching in physical education : JTPE
Journal of technical writing and communication
Journal of the Academy of Management
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Journal of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Journal of the American Dietetic Association
Journal of the American Medical Record Association
Journal of the American Musicological Society
Journal of the American Society of Agronomy
Journal of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association
Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science
Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society
Journal of the Arnold Arboretum
Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Journal of the early Republic
Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior
Journal of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada. Journal de l'Office des recherches sur les pe^cheries du Canada
Journal of the Geotechnical Engineering Division
Journal of the history of ideas
Journal of the history of philosophy
Journal of the National Cancer Institute : JNCI
Journal of the National Education Association
Journal of the Optical Society of America
Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics and image science
Journal of the Optical Society of America. B, Optical physics
Journal of the reading specialist
Journal of the Society of Pediatric Nurses : JSPN
Journal of the Structural Division
Journal of the Surveying and Mapping Division
Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society
Journal of the World Aquaculture Society
Journal of thought
Journal of traffic safety education
Journal of transportation and statistics
Journal of travel research
Journal of tribology
Journal of turbomachinery
Journal of undergraduate mathematics
Journal of verbal learning and verbal behavior
Journal of vibration and acoustics
Journal of vibration, acoustics, stress, and reliability in design
Journal of vocational education research
Journal of wildlife management
Journal of world history
Journalism bulletin
Journalism quarterly
Junior arts and activities
Junior college journal
Junior high clearing house
Junior-senior high school clearing house
Justice system journal
Juvenile justice

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
Labor market and employment security
Laboratory medicine
Ladies' home journal
Ladies' home journal and practical housekeeper
Ladies' home magazine [microform]
Ladies magazine [microform]
Lady and gentleman's pocket magazine of literary and polite amusement for ... [microform]
Lady's & gentleman's pocket magazine of literary & polite amusement for ... [microform]
Lady's home magazine of literature, art, and fashion [microform]
LAMA newsletter
Landscape architecture
Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids
Language and style
Language arts
Language learning
Language, speech & hearing services in schools
Latin American literary review
Law and contemporary problems
Law, higher education, and substance abuse prevention : a biannual newsletter
LBL research review
Learning and leading with technology : the ISTE journal of educational technology practice and policy
Learning connections : the newsletter of the National Institute on Postsecondary Education
Learning today
Legacy : the journal of the National Association for Interpretation
Leisure manager : the journal of the Institute of Leisure & Amenity Management
Leisure sciences
Library & information sciences
Library administration & management
Library hi tech
Library hi tech news
Library journal
Library journal
Library mosaics
Library of Congress [microform]
Library of Congress information bulletin
Library of Congress magazine
Library resources & technical services
Library trends
Library-college journal
Lifelong learning
Lifelong learning, the adult years
Limnology and oceanography
Literacy news : a publication of the National Institute for Literacy
Literacy research and instruction
Literary miscellany [microform]
Literary museum, or Monthly magazine [microform]
Literary review
Literary world [microform]
Literature and psychology
Live design
Living age
Living age
Living wilderness
LJ, Library journal
Local climatological data
Lodging : the management magazine of the American Hotel & Motel Association
Lodging magazine
London and Westminster review [microform]
Los Alamos science
Louisiana agriculture

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
Magazine antiques
Magazine of American history with notes and queries
Magazine of history
Mailbox teacher
Main currents in modern thought
Management accounting
Management bibliographies and reviews
Management methods
Management science
Managing office technology
Managing office technology
Manhattan [microform]
Manhattan illustrated monthly magazine [microform]
Marine briefs
Marine fisheries review
Mark Twain journal
Marketing management journal
Marketing news
Marketing science
Marriage and family living
Massachusetts magazine, or, Monthly museum of knowledge and rational entertainment [microform]
Maternal-child nursing journal
Mathematical intelligencer
Mathematical log
Mathematical monthly [microform]
Mathematics magazine
Mathematics of operations research
Mathematics teacher
MCN, the American journal of maternal child nursing
Mech : the Naval Safety Center's aviation maintenance magazine
Mechanical engineering : the journal of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Mechanix illustrated
Media and methods
Medical record news
Medical records briefing
Medicine and science in sports
Medicine and science in sports and exercise
Memory & cognition
Men's journal
Mental hygiene
Mental retardation
Merrill-Palmer quarterly
Merrill-Palmer quarterly, behavior and development
Methodist magazine
Methodist magazine [microform]
Methodist magazine and quarterly review [microform]
Methodist quarterly review [microform]
MHQ : the quarterly journal of military history
Microfilm abstracts
Mid south grantseekers horizon
Mid-America folklore
Mid-America poetry review
Middle East journal
Middle school journal
Mid-South folklore
Midsouth political science journal
Midsouth political science review
Military chaplains' review
Military law review
Military repository [microform]
Minerals today
Mining and metallurgy
MIS quarterly : management information systems
Mississippi quarterly
Mississippi Valley historical review
MIT's technology review
Mo¨bius : a journal for continuing education professionals in health sciences
Modern fiction studies
Modern healthcare
Modern hospital
Modern language journal
Modern language notes
Modern language quarterly
Modern language review
Modern medicine
Modern philology
Molecular and cellular biology
Monitor on psychology : a publication of the American Psychological Association
Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development
Monthly economic letter
Monthly energy review
Monthly labor review / U S Department of Labor
Monthly letter on economic conditions, government finance
Monthly magazine, and American review [microform]
Monthly miscellany, or Vermont magazine [microform]
Monthly review - Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Monthly review (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)
Monthly review of credit and business conditions in the Second Federal Reserve District
Monthly review of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Monthly statement of the public debt of the United States
Monthly statement of treasury securities of the United States / compiled and published by the Bureau of the Public Debt
Moody monthly
Moody's OTC industrial manual
Morbidity and mortality weekly report CDC surveillance summaries : MMWR CDC surveillance summaries / Centers for Disease Control
Morbidity and mortality weekly report Recommendations and reports : MMWR / Centers for Disease Control
Morbidity and mortality weekly report : MMWR / Center for Disease Control
Mother earth news
Mother Jones
Motor boating & sailing
Moyen Age
Museum international
Music & letters
Music educators journal
Music journal
Music supervisors' bulletin
Music supervisors' journal
Musical magazine [microform]
Musical quarterly
Musical times

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
N & HC perspectives on community : official publication of the National League for Nursing
N.E.A. bulletin
NABTE review
NASSP bulletin
NASSP newsleader
Nation to nation
National business education quarterly
National civic review
National Congress of Mothers magazine
National economic trends
National elementary principal
National geographic
National geographic kids
National geographic magazine
National geographic research
National geographic world
National Institute of Justice journal
National law journal
National magazine [microform]
National municipal review
National news letter of Phi Delta Kappa
National parent-teacher magazine
National parks & conservation magazine
National parks : [the magazine of the National Parks & Conservation Association]
National parks magazine
National tax journal
National vocational evaluation and work adjustment journal
National wildlife
National Wildlife Federation's conservation
Nation's business
Nation's health : the official newspaper of the American Public Health Association
Nation's restaurant news : the weekly newspaper of the food service industry
Nation's schools
Nation's schools & colleges
Nation's schools report
NATS bulletin : the official magazine of the National Association of Teachers of Singing
NATS journal
Natural hazards observer
Natural history
Nature magazine
Naval War College review
NBLIC news
NCA quarterly : a publication of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
NCAHF newsletter : quality in the health marketplace
NCJRS catalog : publications and services of the Office of Justice Programs agencies
NCRR reporter / National Center for Research Resources
NEA journal : the journal of the National Education Association
NEA research bulletin
NEA today : a newspaper for members of the National Education Association
Negro history bulletin
New American magazine [microform]
New books on women and feminism
New choices for the best years
New developments in employee and labor relations
New directions for evaluation
New directions for higher education
New directions for institutional research
New directions for student services
New educator
New England journal of dentistry [microform]
New England journal of dentistry and allied sciences [microform]
New England journal of education
New England journal of medicine
New England magazine [microform]
New England magazine and Bay State monthly [microform]
New England quarterly
New Englander
New Englander and Yale review
New leader
New McClure's [microform]
New releases (United States. Energy Information Administration)
New republic
New scientist
New star [microform]
New star [microform]
New statesman
New statesman and nation
New world [microform]
New York genealogical and biographical record
New York review of books
New York teacher, and American educational monthly [microform]
New York times
New York times book review
New York times current history
New York times current history of the European war
New York times magazine
New York times upfront [microform]
New Yorker
New-England magazine [microform]
New-England magazine of knowledge and pleasure [microform]
Newhampshire and Vermont magazine, and general repository [microform]
Newhampshire magazine, or, The monthly repository of useful information [microform]
New-Haven gazette, and the Connecticut magazine [microform]
New-Jersey magazine, and Monthly advertiser [microform]
News and views
News for farmer cooperatives
Newsletter / National Institute for Literacy
Newsletter / National Water Quality Laboratory
Newsletter / President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports
Newsletter of the American Dialect Society
New-York magazine; or, Literary repository [microform]
New-York weekly magazine, or, Miscellaneous repository [microform]
Nightingale [microform]
NIH record
Nineteenth-century fiction
Nineteenth-century literature
Nn&q. News, notes, and quotes
Nonprofit resources/grantseekers horizon
Normal instructor and primary plans
North & South : the magazine of Civil War conflict.
North American journal of aquaculture
North American journal of fisheries management
North American review
North Central Association quarterly
North-Carolina magazine, or, Universal intelligencer [microform]
Notes and queries
NPPA journal
NSPI journal
NSPI newsletter
Nuclear energy
Nuclear energy insight
Nuclear industry : the monthly magazine of the Atomic Industrial Forum
Nuclear plant journal
Nursing & health care : official publication of the National League for Nursing
Nursing and health care perspectives
Nursing clinics of North America
Nursing for women's health
Nursing homes
Nursing homes : long term care management
Nursing homes and senior citizen care
Nursing management
Nursing mirror
Nursing outlook
Nursing research
Nursing times
Nursing times : NT
Nursing times, nursing mirror : NT
Nutrition action health letter
Nutrition reviews

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
Occasional reverberator [microform]
Occupational outlook : current supplement to Occupational outlook handbook
Occupational outlook quarterly
OECD observer
Office administration and automation
Office solutions : the magazine for office professionals
Office systems : the magazine for small and medium offices
Office systems research journal : the journal of the Office Systems Research Association
Oil and gas journal
Old and New Testament student [microform]
Old guard [microform]
Old Testament student [microform]
Omega : an international journal for the study of dying
On the beat : community oriented policing services
On the line
Open court
Open window : the newsletter of the National Library of Education
Opening doors
Opera news
Organic gardening
Organic gardening
Organic gardening and farming
Organic letters
Organic process research & development
Organization studies
Organizational behavior and human decision processes
Organizational dynamics
Oriental art
Our public lands
Outing magazine
Outlook from the U.S. Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
Overland monthly
Overland monthly
Overland review : the journal of the Mid-America Folklore Society
Oxford American
Ozark connection
Ozarks mountaineer

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
Pacific affairs
Pacific historical review
Pacific journal of mathematics
PAJ : a journal of performance and art
Pan pipes : Sigma Alpha Iota quarterly
Papers of the American Historical Association
Parapsychology bulletin
Parents' & better family living
Parents magazine
Parents magazine
Parents' magazine
Parents' magazine & better family living
Parents' magazine & better homemaking
Parents' magazine & better homemaking
Parents' magazine & family home guide
Paris Match
Park & grounds management
Park maintenance
Park maintenance and grounds management
Park practice design
Park science
Parks & recreation
Parks and recreation
Parnassus: poetry in review
Partisan review
Partisan review
Partisan review & anvil
Patient care
PC magazine : the independent guide to IBM-standard personal computing
PC world
Peabody journal of education
Peace watch
Pedagogical seminary
Pedagogical seminary and journal of genetic psychology
Pediatric clinics of North America
Pediatric nursing
Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography
Pennsylvania magazine, or, American monthly museum [microform]
Penny post [microform]
People, land & water
People's vindicator
Perception & psychophysics
Perceptual and motor skills
Percussion news
Percussive notes
Perfect vision
Performance & instruction journal
Performance + instruction
Performance improvement
Performing arts journal
Personality & social psychology bulletin
Personnel and guidance journal
Personnel journal
Personnel psychology
Perspective : journal, Association of Professional Directors of YMCAs
Perspectives in psychiatric care
Perspectives of new music
Pesticides monitoring journal
Petersen's photographic
Petersen's photographic magazine
Phi Delta Kappan
Philadelphia magazine and review [microform]
Philadelphia Minerva [microform]
Philadelphia monthly magazine [microform]
Philological quarterly
Philosophers' magazine
Philosophical review
Philosophy & rhetoric
Philosophy : the journal of the British Institute of Philosophical Studies
Philosophy and phenomenological research
Philosophy now
Philosophy of science
Photogrammetric engineering and remote sensing
Phylon quarterly
Physical educator
Physical fitness research digest
Physical review
Physical review. A, General physics
Physical review. B, Condensed matter
Physical review. B, Solid state
Physical review. C, Nuclear physics
Physical review. D, Particles and fields
Physician and sportsmedicine
Physicians and surgeons' investigator [microform]
Physician's magazine [microform]
Physics : a journal of general and applied physics conducted by the American Physical Society
Physics and society : the newsletter of the Forum on Physics and Society
Physics letters
Physics of fluids
Physics of fluids
Physics of fluids. A, Fluid dynamics : a publication of the American Institute of Physics
Physics of fluids. B, Plasma physics : a publication of the American Institute of Physics
Physics of plasmas
Physics teacher
Physics today
Physiological psychology
Physiological reviews
Piano & keyboard : the bimonthly piano quarterly
Piano quarterly
Pioneer, or, California monthly magazine [microform]
PJE Peabody journal of education
Plant cell
Plant disease
Plant disease reporter
Plant physiology
Poe studies
Police chief
Policy & practice of public human services
Political censor, or Review of the most interesting political occurrences, relative to the United States of America [microform]
Political censor, or, Monthly review of the most interesting political occurrences, relative to the United States of America [microform]
Political science quarterly
Pope County Historical Association quarterly
Popular astronomy
Popular electronics
Popular mechanics
Popular mechanics magazine : written so you can understand it
Popular photography
Popular science
Popular science monthly
Population bulletin
Population today
Potter's American monthly
Poultry science
PPF survey
PPI detailed report
Practical accountant
Practical sailor
Preservation : the magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
Preservation forum
Preservation news
Presidency / American Council on Education
President's Crime Prevention Council quarterly
Principal leadership
Principal leadership
Principal leadership
Principal's research review
Printers' ink
Prison journal
Problems of communism
Problems of ichthyology
Proceedings - Soil Science Society of America
Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
Proceedings of the Arkansas Academy of Science
Proceedings of the Geological Society of America for …
Proceedings of the IEEE
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London
Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine
Proceedings volume of the Geological Society of America for …
Producer price indexes
Producer price indexes
Product R & D
Professional artist
Professional ethics
Professional medical assistant
Professional school counseling
Professional surveyor
Programming trends in therapeutic recreation
Progressive farmer
Progressive fish-culturist
Prologue : the journal of the National Archives
Psychiatric rehabilitation journal
Psychobiology : a journal of the Psychonomic Society
Psychological bulletin
Psychological methods
Psychological record
Psychological reports
Psychological review
Psychology and aging
Psychology in the schools
Psychology today
Psychonomic science
Psychopharmacology bulletin
Psychosocial rehabilitation journal
PTA magazine
Public health reports
Public health reports
Public historian
Public libraries
Public management
Public opinion quarterly
Public personnel management
Public relations review
Public roads
Public welfare
Publications of the American Economic Association
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Publications of the Modern Language Association of America
Publishers' and stationers' weekly trade circular
Publishers weekly
Pulaski County historical review

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
Quality progress
Quality review bulletin : QRB
Quarterly : Air Force engineering and services
Quarterly bibliography of computers and data processing
Quarterly journal of current acquisitions
Quarterly journal of economics
Quarterly journal of public speaking : the official organ of the National Association of Academic Teachers of Public Speaking
Quarterly journal of speech
Quarterly journal of speech education : the official organ of the National Association of Teachers of Speech
Quarterly journal of studies on alcohol
Quarterly journal of the Library of Congress
Quarterly review - Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Quarterly review of biology
Quarterly review of economics and business
Quarterly review of economics and finance : journal of the Midwest Economics Association
Quarterly reviews - Chemical Society

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
Radio & television news
Radio science
Rand journal of economics
Reader's digest
Reading horizons
Reading research and instruction : the journal of the College Reading Association
Reading research quarterly
Reading teacher
Reading today : a bimonthly newspaper of the International Reading Association
Reading world
Real estate today
Reclamation era
Record (Columbia University. Teachers College)
Record / Federal Election Commission
Record of zoological literature
Records management quarterly
Records management quarterly
Records of the past
Redbook : the magazine for young adults
Reentry report : the newsletter of the Reentry Courts and Partnership Initiative
Reference & user services quarterly
Reference services review : RSR
Regional economist
Rehabilitation counseling bulletin
Rehabilitation literature
Rehabilitation nursing
Rehabilitation psychology
Religious monitor, or, Theological scales [microform]
Renaissance news
Report on business conditions
Report on education research
Research & development
Research & exploration : a scholarly publication of the National Geographic Society
Research bulletin (National Education Association of the United States. Research Division)
Research in education
Research in higher education
Research in nursing & health
Research in the teaching of English
Research quarterly (American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance)
Research quarterly / American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Research quarterly for exercise and sport
Research quarterly of the American Association for Health and Physical Education
Research quarterly of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Research quarterly of the American Physical Education Association
Research strategies : RS
Resort & hotel management
Resort management
Restaurant and hotel design
Restaurant business
Restaurant/hotel design international
Retirement living
Review / Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis
Review of economics and statistics
Review of educational research
Review of English studies
Review of metaphysics
Review of politics
Review of reviews
Review of scientific instruments
Reviews in American history
Reviews of modern physics
Revista de estudios hispa´nicos
Revista iberoamericana
Revue des e´tudes latines
Revue d'histoire litte´raire de la France
Riverside magazine for young people
Rocky Mountain journal of mathematics
Rodale's organic gardening
Roeper review
Rolling stone
Romance philology
Round table [microform]
Royal American magazine, or, Universal repository of instruction and amusement [microform]
Roycroft quarterly [microform]
Rural casket [microform]
Rural conditions and trends
Rural cooperatives
Rural magazine [microform]
Rural magazine, or, Vermont repository [microform]
Rural sociology
Russellville Democrat
Russian review
Russian social science review : a journal of translations

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
S A M advanced management journal
S.A.M. advanced management journal
SAA bulletin
Safety engineering
Safety maintenance
Safety maintenance and production
Sales & marketing management
Sales & marketing management
Sales management
SalesForce XP : xtra performance for sales management
Saturday evening post
Saturday review
Saturday review of literature
Saudi Aramco world
Saxophone journal
Scenario : the magazine of screenwriting art
Schizophrenia bulletin
Scholastic coach
Scholastic coach and athletic director
School & society
School arts
School arts book
School arts magazine
School counselor
School health review
School law news
School law newsletter for college administrators
School libraries
School library journal : SLJ
School library media quarterly : journal of the American Association of School Librarians
School musician
School musician director and teacher
School physicians' bulletin
School psychology digest
School psychology review
School review
School science
School science and mathematics
Schools in the middle
Schwann opus
Science & society
Science & technology review
Science and children
Science digest
Science education
Science news
Science news letter
Science teacher
Scientific American
Scientific monthly
Scourge of aristocracy, and repository of important political truths [microform]
Selected water resources abstracts
Selling direct
Senior scholastic
Sentencing & corrections
SERI science & technology in review
Serials librarian
Serials review
Sewanee review
Sex roles
SFI bulletin
Shaker : official monthly, published by the United Societies
Shaker manifesto official monthly, published by the United Societies
Shakespeare quarterly
Short-term energy outlook Quarterly projections / Energy Information Administration
SIDA, contributions to botany
Sierra Club bulletin
Sight and sound
Silver lining
Sky and telescope
Sloan management review
Small business advocate
Small computers in libraries
Smithsonian torch
Social biology
Social casework
Social economist
Social education
Social forces
Social philosophy & policy
Social problems
Social psychology
Social psychology quarterly
Social research
Social science quarterly
Social sciences & humanities index
Social security bulletin
Social service review
Social studies
Social studies
Social studies for secondary school teachers
Social studies for teachers and administrators
Social work
Society for the Advancement of Management journal
Socio-economic planning sciences
Sociology and social research
Sociology of education
Soil & water conservation news
Soil conservation
Soil Science Society of America journal
Solar energy
Sound & vision
South Atlantic quarterly
South Central review
Southeastern librarian
Southern and western literary messenger and review
Southern business & economic journal
Southern communication journal
Southern economic journal
Southern folklore quarterly
Southern Historical Society papers
Southern journal of philosophy
Southern literary journal
Southern living
Southern review
Southern review
Southwest review
Southwestern journal of anthropology
Southwestern musician combined with The Texas music educator
Southwestern naturalist
Southwestern political and social science quarterly
Southwestern political science quarterly
Southwestern social science quarterly
Soviet review
Space world
Special education report
Speech monographs
Speech teacher
SPEEDE/ExPRESS newsletter
Spiegel, Der
Spiritual magazine
Sport psychologist
Sports illustrated
Staff papers - International Monetary Fund
Staff reports / Federal Reserve Bank of New York
State magazine
Statistical bulletin
Statistical bulletin - Metropolitan Life
Statistics of income Bulletin : SOI bulletin
Step inside design
Step-by-step graphics
Stereo review
Stereo review's sound & vision
Strategic finance
Strategic management journal
Strategic planning for energy and the environment
Studies in American fiction
Studies in art education
Studies in Browning and his circle
Studies in intelligence
Studies in philology
Studio international
Suicide & life-threatening behavior
Supervisor nurse
Supreme Court debates : a congressional digest publication
Survey graphic
Survey of buying power
Survey of current business
Systematic biology

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T.U.B.A. journal
T+D : better performance through workplace learning
Tablet [microform]
Tax adviser
TCI : the business of entertainment technology & design
Teacher educator
Teachers college journal
Teachers College record
Teachers College record
Teaching aids news
Teaching and teacher education
Teaching business education
Teaching children mathematics
Teaching exceptional children
Teaching music
Teaching of psychology
Technical communication
Technical news bulletin of the National Bureau of Standards
Technology for nursing
Technology review
Technology review : MIT's magazine of innovation
Technology teacher : a journal of the American Industrial Arts Association
TechTrends : for leaders in education & training
TESOL journal
TESOL quarterly
Tetrahedron letters; the international organ for the rapid publication of preliminary communications in organic chemistry
Texas review
THE journal : technological horizons in education
Theatre crafts
Theatre journal
Theological magazine [microform]
Theory into practice
Therapeutic recreation journal
Third branch
Thrust for educational leadership
Time piece
Time-piece, and literary companion
Times (Little Rock, Ark.)
Times educational supplement
Today's chemist at work
Today's education : the journal of the National Education Association
Today's health
Today's realtor
Topics in health information management
Topics in health record management
Torch : a monthly newspaper for the Smithsonian Institution
TR, therapeutic recreation
Track & field news
Training & development
Training and development journal
Transactions and proceedings of the Modern Language Association of America
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society
Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers
Travel holiday
Travel, incorporating Holiday
Trends in parks & recreation
Trollopian; a journal of Victorian fiction
True Democrat
Tuba Agricolae
Tufts University diet & nutrition letter
Tufts University health & nutrition letter
Tulane drama review
Twentieth century
Two-year college mathematics journal

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
U.S. Government research & development reports
U.S. Government research reports
U.S. news & world report
U.S. securities, government finance, economic and financial conditions
UBEA forum
UN chronicle
UN monthly chronicle
Unesco courier
Unesco courier
Unitarian review
Unitarian review and religious magazine
United Nations chronicle
United service
United States Army aviation digest
United States Christian magazine [microform]
United States magazine [microform]
United States news
United States service magazine [microform]
Universal asylum and Columbian magazine
Update : the applications of research in music education
Urban land
Urban Land Institute bulletin
Urban review
US housing market conditions
US Department of State dispatch
USA today
USA today
USGA Green Section record

Journal Title and Link to Catalog
Wall Street journal
Wall Street journal
Washington international arts letter
Water research
Water spectrum
Weed & seed in-sites
Weekly magazine
Weekly museum [microform]
Weekly register
Welfare in review
Western journal of nursing research
Western political quarterly
Westminster and foreign quarterly review [microform]
Westminster review
Westminster review
Westminster review
Wide angle
Wildlife disease review
Wildlife monographs
Wildlife Society bulletin
Wildlife Society news
William and Mary quarterly
Wilson bulletin
Wilson bulletin
Wilson bulletin for librarians
Wilson library bulletin
Women & health
Women & work : news from the United States Department of Labor, Office of Information, Publications and Reports
Woodwind world-brass & percussion.
Woodwind/brass & percussion
Worcester magazine
Word processing & information systems
Word processing systems
Word processing world
Workforce management
Working woman
World health : published for the non-technical reader by the World Health Organization
World history bulletin : newsletter of the World History Association
World literature today
World Marxist review
World press review
World tennis
World trade review
Writer's digest
Writing instructor
Written communication

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Zoning bulletin
Zoological record

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